Use these guidelines to assess your friends’ short story.


You Can Do Better!

1 point

Almost There

2 points

Good Attempt

3 points

Well Done!

4 points



We think you are trying, but you should try harder! We can see some effort but we know you can do better than this. Interesting story, you really put in effort! Good job! The story was very interesting and we enjoyed reading it.


Uh-oh, there were quite a few mistakes in there!

There were some mistakes, but you can do better.

There were only a few mistakes in your story, good job.

You made less than five mistakes, well done.


2 or less new words used. Kwakwakwaaa…

3 new words used. Not too bad

4 new words used. Awesome!

5 new words used! BOOYAH!


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