Welcome, students!



Here are your instructions. Read them ALL first before starting your activity:

1) At the top of this page you will find a link to your group’s Padlet Wall (e.g. if I am in group 10, I will click the link ‘Group 10’).

2) Once you reach that page, you will find a topic. Discuss as a group then write a short paragraph about that topic.

3) Next, go back to this site. You will now have to do a quiz (instructions below).

4) After doing the quiz, you will have to go back to your group’s Padlet Wall to edit your short paragraph. This time, you are supposed to transform it into a short story.

5) Once you have done up your short story, visit another group’s Padlet wall to read and comment on their post. You will also need to use the guidelines (click on the link ‘Guidelines’) to mark your friends’ work.





QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS (read this only after you have written your short paragraph on your Padlet Wall)

You are supposed to answer the question on each website. After getting the correct answer, you have to replace the correct answer with the last few words or word so as to proceed with the game.

For example,

Q) What is the colour of polar bear?

Since the answer is white, let’s replace the URL.



Don’t worry, there will be clue given if you are lost.

Are you guys ready?

Click Q1) What is wrong? page to begin!!

Have fun! 🙂